About Us

Founded in 2019, Technoshia is geared towards independent reviews and opinions on everything technology, cyber, AI and internet culture.

‘Exploring the Future of Technology.’

John Routledge
Owner and editor, John Routledge

Welcome to Technoshia.com, a website founded by John Routledge in 2019 on the basis of sensible and easy-to-read guides on everything technology.

Technoshia.com aims to write guides, how-to’s, and explanations to the questions most users search on Google for and don’t need to navigate more than once to find the answer they need.

We aim to provide valuable information that we can pass down from our own technological experiences and hope to help other users from all walks of life!

All of our team who contribute to the site must have experience in what they are writing, it’s one of the mandatory policies in our editorial guidelines.

We never single out or degrade any brand of online or offline technology – we aim to be impartial and offer easy-to-read guides every time we click “Publish“.

We can earn commission on any products purchased via our links to external sites from time to time. This enables us to pay our team of writers, and contributors, and buy a coffee or two.

You can connect with me on Linkedin if you want to touch base.