A two-pack of Google’s Nest Wi-Fi Pro 6E mesh routers has dropped to $220

A two-pack of Google's Nest Wi-Fi Pro 6E mesh routers has dropped to $220

The Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro, which we named the best pick for people new to mesh Wi-Fi systems, is on sale for $220 for the two-pack. That’s a 27 percent discount, which is the best price it’s been all year and just $20 more than the all time low it hit for Black Friday last November. The set of two should provide coverage for 4,400 square feet. If you’ve got a particularly large home or tricky areas due to thick walls or other interference, you might want the three-pack. That set is down to $319 after a 20 percent discount.

Mesh Wi-Fi systems let you add a distributed set of smaller nodes around your home, solving a lot of connectivity problems including sub-par ISP-provided equipment and dead zones in far off or awkward corners. The Wi-Fi 7 standard was just released, but few devices support it just yet, and the speeds the protocol can potentially deliver (along with the price tag) are likely overkill for the average household. Wi-Fi 6E, on the other hand, is mature and much more affordable. It’s plenty capable of giving a home superior wireless performance for those coming from prior Wi-Fi generations. 

In our review, Engadget’s Daniel Cooper noted that the Nest Pro system is neither faster (though it’s plenty fast) nor more customizable than its competitors, but its one of the more affordable Wi-Fi 6E systems out there. It’s also terribly simple to use, even for those who’ve never worked with mesh routers before. The Nest Pro should particularly appeal to anyone who has already bought into Google’s smart home ecosystem, as it makes good use of the Home app, where many of your automated controls may already be living.

One of the bigger selling points is Google’s promise of regular software updates, which means you should be able to set the system up and not have to think about your Wi-Fi configurations for several years. 

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