Adobe Lightroom gets its own AI eraser tool

Adobe Lightroom gets its own AI eraser tool

Adobe is adding another AI-powered tool to its belt with the announcement of Generative Remove for Lightroom. As the name indicates, Generative Remove lets you get rid of any unwanted objects from a photo and then creates “pixel perfect generations” that make it seem as if nothing was ever there. These items could be anything from an ugly trash can in a beautiful photo or a lamp post that blocks an otherwise clear skyline. It’s pretty much Adobe’s version of Google’s Magic Eraser

The new tool uses Adobe Firefly, a generative AI creation model launched in March 2023. Firefly trains on licensed content, such as that from Adobe Stock, and can improve image quality, create photos using a description and utilizes Generative Fill and Expand to add, remove or broaden the image. It exists across Adobe products like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. 

Generative Remove is currently available as an early access feature for Lightroom, which Adobe claims will make it available to millions of people. Adobe has also expanded Lens Blur, which adds “aesthetic blur effects to parts of a photograph, to be generally available — and with new automatic presets. 

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