Amazon Freevee adds terrifying AI-generated men to 12 Angry Men poster

Amazon Freevee adds terrifying AI-generated men to 12 Angry Men poster

The classic movie 12 Angry Men is titled as such because, well, it’s about a jury comprised of 12 men. But viewers have noticed recently that the image Amazon uses for the movie has more than 12 characters in it. Further, their melting, inhuman faces look like they could be somebody’s sleep paralysis monsters. The terrifying quality to the characters’ faces is just one of the elements indicating the use of AI to generate the image. Their deformed and claw-like hands are another, along with the other obvious AI artifacts in the photo.

Upon checking, Amazon didn’t use the AI-generated image for the Prime Video version of the classic film. Some viewers pointed out that one could only see the AI version of the film’s poster on Freevee, Amazon’s free ad-supported streaming service. According to AV Club, the company used a different poster on Freevee due to licensing issues. Apparently, Freevee got its license to stream 12 Angry Men from a third party, which also provided images for the film. It’s not quite clear why the third party didn’t provide any of the film’s official posters for use, but Freevee is reportedly working to get the AI-generated one replaced.

Viewers also previously called out Amazon for using what looked like AI images to tease its Fallout TV show. Seeing as the use of generative AI could potentially save companies money — and they are, as we all know, driven by profit — we may have to get used to seeing TV and film posters and marketing materials that range from odd to nightmare fuel and beyond.

By John Routledge

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