Apple Watch Series 9 falls back to a low of $309

Apple Watch Series 9 falls back to a low of $309

Apple’s latest Watch Series 9 is back down to its lowest price ever, just in time to help you keep going with those January fitness goals. You can grab the 41mm Pink model with the light pink sport loop for just $309, for a savings of 23 percent ($90) off the list price. If you’re looking for another color, the Midnight and Silver models are on sale for $329, still saving you a substantial 18 percent ($70) off the regular price. 

The Apple Watch Series 9 is a solid addition to the lineup, scoring an excellent 92 in our review thanks to new features like Raise To Speak and Double Tap. Raise to Speak allows you to lift your wrist to activate Siri, with requests now processed right on the watch instead of going through another device. In other words, you can still use Siri when offline or away from your phone.

Double Tap is a more interactive feature, letting you tap your index finger and thumb together (the ones on the same side as the watch) twice to complete specific actions. You can use it to answer or end calls or reply with dictation, among other commands — meaning you’ll need to touch your watch face less often.

The Apple Watch Series 9 is also powerful for health and fitness — for one, it monitors your heart rate and will send a notification if it notices any irregularities. It also tracks your sleep stages and overall well-being through features like temperature sensing. Plus, it’s water-resistant, so you needn’t worry about sweat.

There is one downside, as you might be aware. Apple was forced to disable a key new feature, the blood oxygen monitor, due to a patent dispute with a medical company. That issue has now been resolved, though, and you probably won’t miss the feature much — especially at those prices. 

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