Best Advanced IP Scanner Alternatives For Mac: Featuring Zenmap

Best advanced IP scanners for Macs

Last updated on February 2nd, 2024

When it comes to network scanning on your Mac, you might’ve relied on Advanced IP Scanner. But what if you’re looking for something different? Maybe you need more features, or perhaps you’re simply curious about what else is out there.

Well, you’re in luck. There’s a whole world of Advanced IP Scanner alternatives for Mac waiting to be explored. These robust tools are designed to meet your specific needs, offering a range of capabilities that go beyond just scanning IPs.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best Advanced IP Scanner alternatives for Mac. Whether you’re a network admin, a security enthusiast, or just a tech-savvy Mac user, these tools are sure to impress.

Angry IP Scanner

If you’re looking for an Advanced IP Scanner alternative for your Mac, you might want to consider Angry IP Scanner. Sure, it sounds menacing, but it packs a punch when it comes to network scanning.

Designed as a robust and cross-platform network scanner, Angry IP Scanner caters well to network admins, security enthusiasts, and tech-savvy Mac users alike. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and does not even require installation. Just download the app, run it, and you’re good to go.

When you use Angry IP Scanner, you’ll benefit from features beyond simply scanning IP addresses. For instance, you’ll be able to find ports and check the status of these ports – a handy tool if you’re interested in finding open gateways into other networks. Additionally, Angry IP Scanner enables efficient data export in multiple formats which facilitates result analysis.

When you run a scan, Angry IP Scanner is fast. It achieves this speed by splitting the task among all available processor cores. That saves you valuable time, especially if you’re scanning large network ranges.

How about compatibility? You’re covered. Angry IP Scanner works with Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux. Moreover, for advanced users looking to customize or add functionality to the scanner, it also supports plugins. Embrace the power of Angry IP Scanner as an alternative tool for network scanning on Mac.

Experiment with its diverse features and see how it complements your current toolkit. Expect it to hold up well against Advanced IP Scanner, with additional functionality that might make your tasks more efficient.


Transitioning from the previous segment on Angry IP Scanner, let’s move forward to another competent Advanced IP Scanner alternative for Mac – LanScan. This powerful network scanning tool is perfectly suited for Mac users, offering an array of features tailored to enhance your network exploration experience.

LanScan stands out with a modern, user-friendly interface that makes it remarkably straightforward to use, even for those lacking technical knowledge. This application performs rapid scans in your network, providing magnificent accuracy in its results. Its Pro Version also offers additional resources like customizable network range and export features.

The core features of LanScan include:

  • Live ethernet monitoring: Enables real-time data on the devices connected to your network.
  • Reverse DNS lookup: Essential for identifying the hostnames associated with specific IP addresses.
  • MAC address detection: Allows you to pinpoint the physical addresses of devices on your network – an invaluable tool for identifying intruders.
  • Network export: With the Pro Version, you can export your network data to CSV format for easy analysis or future reference.
  • Customizable network range: Another Pro feature that lets you define the scope of your network scan according to your preferences. As a Mac user, it’s beneficial to have a tool like LanScan in your repertoire. Not only is it Mac-native, but it also has an elegant, easy-to-understand interface. LanScan can indeed be seen as an Advanced IP Scanner alternative potent enough to perform complex tasks with remarkable ease.
Key FeaturesLanScanLanScan Pro
Live ethernet monitoringYesYes
Reverse DNS lookupYesYes
MAC address detectionYesYes
Network exportNoYes
Customizable Network rangeNoYes

Network Radar

As we continue to explore alternatives to Advanced IP Scanner for Mac, you’ll find that Network Radar may also fit your needs. This robust tool shines with an easy-to-use interface, network scanning capabilities, and a suite of advanced features to make your network management painless and efficient.

Rendered specifically for Mac users, Network Radar’s notable features include automatic network discovery and network scanning. When you initiate Network Radar, it automatically identifies all devices on your network. It not only identifies devices but also provides detailed information like IP, MAC Address, and Vendor name. It’s a compelling feature that eliminates the need for manual input and speeds up the entire process.

Furthermore, Network Radar goes above and beyond merely identifying devices on your network. It offers real-time monitoring and can alert you when devices leave or join your network. Such real-time updates are crucial for maintaining network security, making Network Radar an invaluable tool in this respect.

Network Radar also includes advanced network management features such as ping, port scan, and whois. It further allows for network export, thereby enabling you to keep track of all information in an accessible way. It also features DNS lookups, Wake-on-LAN, and remote access, all of which cater to your in-depth network management needs.

One robust aspect of Network Radar distinguishes it as a strong contender as an alternative to Advanced IP Scanner. It carries a built-in issue detector that notifies you of potential problems and helps in preemptive troubleshooting.

For those who need it, there’s also an option for a Pro Version that extends capabilities even further. The Pro Version includes service monitoring, automatic scheduled scans, and subnet scanning.

As you can see, Network Radar brings a formidable collection of features to the table. With its comprehensive capabilities, ease of use, and efficient processes, it’s undoubtedly a worthy alternative to consider.


Continuing with the exploration of Advanced IP Scanner alternatives showcasing the utility and features of NetSpot. NetSpot is another handy tool that Mac users can capitalize on. It’s a potent Wi-Fi scanner and network analyzer that fits seamlessly into the needs of anyone managing networks of varying complexities.

In the day-to-day management of your network, NetSpot comes with a multitude of features. Its Wi-Fi survey mode enables detailed visualizations of your network coverage. Therefore, enabling the identification and elimination of dead zones becomes noticeably easier. Plus, NetSpot’s TroubleScan feature quickly identifies connectivity issues which aid in network optimization.

Indeed, NetSpot excels in offering a robust set of Wi-Fi analysis tools. From real-time Wi-Fi data to advanced visualizations of the wireless environment, it provides a clear snapshot of how your network is performing. This fundamental information allows for a more informed approach towards managing and troubleshooting network issues.

The Pro version of NetSpot comes packed with advanced features:

  • Scheduled network analysis
  • Automated network mapping
  • Advanced channel planning NetSpot Pro truly takes network analysis to the next level. Notably, its automatic network mapping feature allows you to set up scheduled surveys. The app then automatically generates network maps, keeping you abreast of changes that might affect your network’s performance.

Stepping up from the foundational capabilities of the free version, NetSpot Pro specifically targets larger networks. It’s service not only ensures efficient network management but also prevents problems before they occur. For Mac users prioritizing network efficiency and reliability, NetSpot and its enhanced functionalities can prove to be an invaluable tool.


When you’re looking for an alternative to Advanced IP Scanner, Zenmap shouldn’t be overlooked. An official, open source frontend to the highly flexible and versatile network tool, Nmap, Zenmap offers intricate, easy-to-understand topology maps.

Zenmap lets you glimpse network structures and the devices within them. You’ll appreciate the tool’s approach to discovery, mapping and managing your system’s network infrastructure. It efficiently scans various types of networks and is a great discovery tool if you’re keen on understanding the complexities of your network structure.

Just like NetSpot, Zenmap offers unique features that stand out. Its topology maps, for instance, give you a visual rendering of your network. With the ‘network discovery’ feature, you’re guaranteed efficient scans which serve to keep the network’s transparency and improve security.

Host Details and Scanning is a notable Zenmap feature, allowing you to get an overview of a network or jump in specific host details. With customizable scans and specifications, managing your network becomes an easier task and security can be thoroughly reinforced.

Zenmap extends its offerings with its historic data feature. If you administer a network over the long haul, it’s advantageous to have an overview of past scans. Zenmap allows for this, letting you store and compare previous scans to track changes and maneuver security measures effectively.

Another selling point of Zenmap is its open-source nature. You’ll have the freedom to modify and personally customize the program to fit your unique network needs. This personal adaptability can assist in managing larger networks, prioritize network efficiency, reliability, and ultimately, stimulate positive network performance.

Experience Zenmap and discover a comprehensive tool that can assist you in network analysis equal to NetSpot or any other IP scanner alternative. Bear in mind, a network managed with proficiency is akin to a well-oiled machine. Truly, Zenmap can have a profound indication on your Mac’s network efficiency. Remember, the power to ignore issues is only eclipsed by the power to fix them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zenmap?

Zenmap is an open-source frontend to the network tool Nmap. It provides a graphical user interface to simplify network scanning and offers features like intricate topology maps, network discovery, and customizable scans.

Is Zenmap a good alternative to Advanced IP Scanner for Mac?

Yes, Zenmap provides a variety of features that make it a comparable, if not superior, alternative to Advanced IP Scanner. It not only helps in network scanning but also enables users to store and compare previous scans.

How can Zenmap improve network efficiency and reliability?

Zenmap offers a comprehensive set of tools for network analysis. It allows network professionals to discover network devices, scan their networks intricately, and compare previous scans. This can help identify potential issues, thereby improving network efficiency and reliability.

Can I customize scans with Zenmap?

Yes, Zenmap offers customizable scans. This feature allows users to adjust the specifics of their scans according to their unique network structure and needs.

Can Zenmap store previous scans?

Yes, Zenmap has the ability to store and compare previous scans. This feature is particularly useful for tracking network changes over time and identifying potential issues or irregularities.

Summary of Best Advanced IP Scanner Alternatives For Mac: Featuring Zenmap

So you’ve explored the world of Advanced IP Scanner alternatives for Mac. You’ve discovered Zenmap, an open-source powerhouse offering intricate topology maps, network discovery, and customizable scans. It’s clear that Zenmap stands out with its ability to store and compare previous scans, making it a top-notch tool for enhancing your network analysis. By leveraging its capabilities, you can improve your network’s efficiency and reliability significantly. It’s time to dive in and experience the benefits of this comprehensive tool firsthand. Don’t just take our word for it – give Zenmap a try and see the difference it can make in your network management.

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