Ghost of Tsushima is coming to PC on May 16

Ghost of Tsushima is coming to PC on May 16

Another tentpole PlayStation game is coming to PC. This time around, it’s Ghost of Tsushima, the PlayStation 4’s brilliant swansong. The director’s cut of the open-world adventure will hit Steam and the Epic Games Store on May 16.

Nixxes, a Sony studio that’s highly regarded for its PC ports, spent the last year working to bring Sucker Punch’s game to another platform. Along with the Iki Island expansion and Legends co-op multiplayer mode, Ghost of Tsushima has all the bells and whistles fans have come to expect from PC ports of PlayStation games, such as unlocked framerates, expansive graphics settings and customizable mouse and keyboard controls. Plug in a DualSense controller and you’ll get the same haptic feedback and adaptive trigger support that you would on PlayStation 5.

There’s support for ultrawide monitors and Nixxes has fully optimized the game for 21:9 and 32:9 formats. You’ll even be able to play at a ratio of 48:9 if you have a triple-monitor setup. You can use NVIDIA DLSS 3, AMD FSR 3 and Intel XeSS upscaling tech to boost the performance and visuals. NVIDIA’s Reflex and AI-based DLAA anti-aliasing tool are supported too.

One other interesting thing to note is that Sony is promising more authentic lip sync if you choose to play with Japanese audio enabled, as your PC will render the cinematics in real time. Along with the black-and-white Kurosawa mode, that could help make the game feel even more cinematic.

Ghost of Tsushima is already a stunning game on PS5 and it’s likely to look even more remarkable on a high-end PC (Sony notes it’ll run on portable PC gaming devices too). More details, including system specifications, will be revealed ahead in the coming weeks.

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