Google Gemini can power a virtual AI teammate with its own Workspace account

Google Gemini can power a virtual AI teammate with its own Workspace account

Google’s Gemini AI systems can do a lot, judging by today’s I/O keynote. That includes the option to set up a virtual teammate with its own Workspace account. You can configure the teammate to carry out specific tasks, such as to monitor and track projects, organize information, provide context, pinpoint trends after analyzing data and to play a role in team collaboration.

In Google Chat, the teammate can join all relevant rooms and you can ask it questions based on all the conversation histories, Gmail threads and anything else it has access to. It can tell team members whether their projects are approved or if there might be an issue based on conflicting messages. 

It seems like the virtual teammate was just a tech demo for now, however. Aparna Pappu, vice president and GM of Workspace, said Google has “a lot of work to do to figure out how to bring these agentive experiences, like virtual teammates, into Workspace.” That includes finding ways to let third parties make their own versions. 

While it doesn’t seem like this virtual teammate will be available soon, it could eventually prove to be a serious timesaver — as long as you trust it to get everything right first time around.

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