Perfect Dark reboot trailer shows Joanna Dark hunting bad guys in a near-future Cairo

Perfect Dark reboot trailer shows Joanna Dark hunting bad guys in a near-future Cairo

It’s been a long, long time since we learned that a Perfect Dark reboot was in the works, and there are finally some fresh signs of life. A gameplay trailer was shown during the Xbox Games Showcase, though there’s no release date or window as yet.

Xbox is billing the reboot as a “first-person secret agent thriller in a near-future world” that includes immersive sim and stealth-action elements. Based on this first look, co-developers The Initiative and may have nailed the brief.

The clip shows Joanna Dark dropping into a near-future version of Cairo in search of a bad guy who possesses a radioactive device. She’s able to capture goons’ voice prints to open voice-activated door locks, and she can kick off walls to clamber up drain pipes and gain extra distance for jumps. Along with blasting enemies with guns, Joanna has some hand-to-hand combat skills too.

According to an Xbox Wire blog post, you’ll have a range of traversal abilities and gadgets at your disposal, so you’ll be able to choose how to complete missions. I’m just a little bummed that there was no sign of a laptop gun.

The blog post also notes that “at the widest level, Perfect Dark will be a single-player experience.” That could be a hint that there will be multiplayer modes too. I have my fingers crossed for that, as the original Perfect Dark was a better multiplayer shooter than Goldeneye 007.

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By John Routledge

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