Recteq adds Flagship XL and built-in models to its smart pellet grill lineup

Recteq adds Flagship XL and built-in models to its smart pellet grill lineup

Recteq revealed five new smart pellet grills in October, including unique dual-chamber and griddle options. Now, the company is back with two more models: a larger version of the recently overhauled Flagship 1100 and a built-in design for outdoor kitchens. 

The Flagship XL 1400 has all of the updates that were announced with the Flagship 1100 last fall, including the updated Wi-Fi-enabled controller and sturdier leg design. The key difference on this new version is increased cooking capacity. The Flagship XL 1400 has 1,437 square inches of grilling space, with a second grate situated above the main cooking surface. Recteq also increased the size of the pellet hopper, which can now hold a massive 60 pounds of fuel when full. Depending on which brand you use, that’s at least three bags of pellets — way more than even the longest brisket cook will require. 

Like the Flagship 1100, this XL version does more than low-and-slow smoking as it has a temperature range of 180-650 degrees Fahrenheit. And the Wi-Fi connectivity means you can adjust cooking temps and monitor internal food temperatures from your phone. The Flagship XL 1400 is available now for $1,599.

Recteq Flagship XL 1400 smart pellet grill on a white background. The black and silver unit sits on a sturdy rolling cart with the company's trademark horn-shaped handles on the lid. A Wi-Fi-connected controller and display is mounted on the front of a side shelf that sits on the left side.
Recteq Flagship XL 1400

Permanent outdoor kitchens have become increasingly popular spaces for socializing at home. These typically include a grill that’s been mounted into some type of fixed counter or cabinetry, but there aren’t a lot of options if you want to do that with a pellet grill. Most people simply remove the legs or cart for a pellet model to make it work in these setups, but Recteq has a new option that’s specifically designed for outdoor kitchens. 

The E-Series Built-In 1300 is a fully stainless steel smart pellet grill with 1,300 square inches of cooking space. This model also packs Recteq’s recently updated Wi-FI controller with dual-band connectivity and compatibility with the company’s app. Like the SmokeStone griddle, the E-Series Built-In has a front-fill hopper for easy access and removable secondary cooking grates. The company says an a-frame-shaped drip pan makes grease drainage more efficient and a cast iron deflector helps evenly distribute the heat. 

Like the company’s other pellet grills, the E-Series Built-In is more than just a smoker, which means it can be the cornerstone of an outdoor kitchen without needing another grill. This model can run at 180-700 degrees Fahrenheit, which will accommodate everything from barbecue to searing. Grills like this that are permanently installed are typically quite pricey, and the E-Series Built-In 1300 is no exception. It’s $3,499, which is $900 more than the company’s 2,535-square inch “BFG” unit, previously the most expensive option in the Recteq arsenal. 

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