Roku launches a weekly pop culture quiz

Roku launches a weekly pop culture quiz

I have to admit that the fact nerd in me is partial to a good guessing game, so I’m intrigued by Roku’s newest offering. The streaming system has launched a new feature for US users called Roku Weekly Trivia, featuring pop culture questions you can answer right on your TV screen.

Roku Weekly Trivia should now exist in the options list at the left of your screen alongside categories like Live TV and Streaming Store. There, you can access a multiple-choice quiz with questions on topics such as movie and television premieres, the Summer Olympics, holidays, and more cultural moments. You can test your own knowledge or go up against friends and family — at the very least, it’s an easy way to decide who picks the movie.

A new quiz should appear on Roku every Tuesday. I tried a few sample questions ahead of its release, including “What was the first feature-length animated movie ever released?” and “Which movie franchise has the most films?” The first one I got, while the second surprised me, but I’ve never been a big REDACTED fan (I don’t want to give you all the answers!).

Update, June 25 2024, 3:00PM ET: A previous version of this post stated there would only be 10 questions per week. While questions are released in batches of 10, there will be over 100 per week according to a company spokesperson.

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By John Routledge

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