Skullcandy’s new wireless earbuds are made primarily out of recycled plastics

Skullcandy’s new wireless earbuds are made primarily out of recycled plastics

Skullcandy just announced new earbuds that go all-in on sustainability. The EcoBuds True Wireless earbuds are made with 65 percent certified recycled plastics and 57 percent less heavy metals than competing products. This gives the earbuds a 50 percent lower carbon footprint when compared to rival devices.

The bad news? The move toward sustainability forced Skullcandy to nix the usual battery case that accompanies modern earbuds, as lithium battery packs are a major environmental offender. To make up for the lack of a charging case, the new earbuds can be charged from a smartphone, in addition to any USB-C port or outlet. The earbuds still get eight hours of use before requiring some juice.

Earbuds plugging into a smartphone to charge.

Keeping with the company’s budget-friendly MO, these earbuds cost just $40. They are available in a Glacier colorway, which is a mix of white and blue, starting today. Skullcandy hasn’t announced if it would be adding more colors to the lineup in the near future.

Of course, Skullcandy isn’t the first company to try its hand at environmentally sustainable audio devices. Sony once made a version of its LinkBuds S earbuds out of recycled water bottles, which were also a melange of white and blue. That seems to be the preferred colorway for major corporations looking to drum up a bit of positive press.

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