The 10 best sleep apps and gadgets for a better night’s sleep in 2024

The 10 best sleep apps and gadgets for a better night's sleep in 2024

Whatever challenges come your way in a day, you’ll be better prepared to deal with them if you’ve had a restful night. According to the NIH, sleep experts recommend no fewer than seven hours of sleep each night, but some tech, like scrolling through social media or obsessively checking your email, can actually impair your down time — so take advantage of the bedtime modes for iPhone and Android. Other technology, however, can actually help maximize shut eye. Sleep apps and devices like fitness trackers, sleep machines, blue light glasses and smart light bulbs can help you fall asleep and stay there. We’ve tried out a number of gadgets that have worked for us, and we gathered them here so you can see if they’ll work for you, too. 

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By John Routledge

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