The 2024 Summer Game Fest Showcase is set for June 7

The 2024 Summer Game Fest Showcase is set for June 7

The fifth edition of Summer Game Fest takes place this year and now we know when the main showcase will take place. The two-hour stream of trailers, hype, announcements and game updates is set for Friday, June 7 at 5PM ET. So, if you notice any typos in Engadget’s coverage of the event, it definitely won’t be because we’re watching with an end-of-week cocktail in hand.

The SGF showcase will once again stream live from the YouTube Theater in Los Angeles with a live audience. The Geoff Keighley-run event has quickly become one of the key events on the games industry’s calendar, as several notable projects, big and small, have been announced there

With E3 now completely dead, SGF could be poised to take the expo’s place as the anchor for the various gaming events that typically take place in early June. The smart money’s on an Xbox showcase happening on the following Sunday, for instance.

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