Threads is testing automatic archiving for posts

Threads is testing automatic archiving for posts

Threads users may soon have a new way to clean up their timelines. The app is testing a new archive feature that can be used to manually archive individual posts or automatically hide posts after a set period of time, Adam Mosseri shared.

As on Instagram, archiving a post on Threads will hide it from public view, though the post will be available to the original author to view or undo. The Instagram head said the feature will be available to a “small number of people” to start. Though optional, Mosseri has made no secret that his preference is for all posts on the service to be somewhat ephemeral. “I think we should move to automatically archive posts on Threads after a month or so,” he wrote in a post back in February.

But, in a poll shared with that earlier post, Threads users overwhelmingly said they would “never” want their posts automatically hidden from public view. In his latest update, Mosseri noted that “the resounding feedback was not to make this the default” so the company will try out archiving “as an option” to start.

While archiving old posts is popular on Instagram, the feature could be somewhat more controversial on Threads. As the service grows and adds more features geared toward real-time information, posts that automatically archive could make it harder to go back and revisit the original source of an update. (If Mosseri, for example, were to automatically archive all his old posts, it would be much more difficult to track his evolving thoughts on Threads, which he often shares publicly on the platform.) At the same time, allowing posts to be ephemeral often encourages users to share more often, which is even more important for Threads’ continued growth.

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